Anatomy Lab Adria Cadaver Course

20th of March 2023

Croatia|University of Rijeka

Faculty of Medicine|Department of Anatomy

Certificate of Anatomy Lab Adria

Certificate of Medical Esthetic Innovation

Cadaver Course Anatomy Lab Adria will give advanced knowledge of safe using of dermal fillers, neurotoxins and threads under ultrasound control

Official language: English, Croatian, Ukrainian, Russian

Limited number of participants


Anatomy Lab Adria (ALA) is founded by experts in the field of aesthetic medicine dr. Vladlena Averina, specialist in dermatology from Ukraine, and ass. prof. at the Faculty of Medicine, Željko Rotim from Croatia.

Anatomy Lab Adria (ALA) provides education related to anatomy in aesthetic medicine and organizes cadaver courses in top conditions of the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka – Croatia.

Advanced Face Anatomy: Fillers – Toxins – Threads – Ultrasound

Anatomy Lab Adria (ALA) Cadaver Course:

All day program with dissections on the cadavers Including lectures about anatomical changes related to the aging process with introduction in safe applications of dermal fillers and toxin, under ultrasound control

Organizer: Medical Esthetic Innovation

Medical Esthetic Innovation
Budimska 3A, 10360 Sesvete – Zagreb, Hrvatska
OIB 86817454245
IBAN ZABA – HR1323600001102875004
+385 1 2004 674

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